It all started when I decided to take a leap and go work at the Earth’s most customer-centric company. It was 2016, and I needed a change. I always said it would take a combination of the right city and an amazing company to get me to leave Texas, and Seattle + Amazon was that magic combination. Living in a somewhat dense, urban core nestled in the great mountains and trees of the PNW was where I needed to be. Read more.

Working at Amazon has changed how I approach problems. It’s made me a better technologist, a better thinker, a better manager, and an all-around better person. I find the Leadership Principles woven into many things that I do. And whatever I do, I start with the end result, and work backwards.

When I started this site, I had read the 2016 and 2017 shareholder letters and really identified with them both. I loved how they told me what Amazon’s most senior leader was thinking and how he approached problems. I decided to read the rest of the letters, and wanted to not only detail my thoughts, but produce an online catalog for these letters.

All letters are sourced from the Amazon Investor Relations page.

Site Author Landon Harris