2011 – Self-Service Innovation

The first 1.5 pages is customer testimonials for Amazon services from AWS to Kindle Direct Publish to Fulfillment by Amazon. I’ll summarize with two of Jeff’s quotes for this letter instead of the usual one. I think he says it best.

“I am emphasizing the self-service nature of these platforms because… when a platform is self-service, even the improbable ideas can get tried, because there’s no expert gatekeeper ready to say “that will never work!” And guess what – many of those improbable ideas do work, and society is the beneficiary of that diversity.” — Jeff Bezos

“Amazonians are leaning into the future, with radical and transformational innovations that create value for thousands of authors, entrepreneurs, and developers. Invention has become second nature at Amazon, and in my view the team’s pace of innovation is even accelerating – I can assure you it’s very energizing. I’m extremely proud of the whole team, and feel lucky to have a front row seat.” — Jeff Bezos