2001 – Customer Obsession

The letter opens talking about Amazon’s financial achievements being marked by the move to institute a handsome discount of 30% off list on books $20 or more. We also see the first glimmer of free shipping, starting with orders hitting a $99 threshold.

And now we hear about those two words that I will forever associate with Amazon — “customer obsession.” Jeff talks about ways Amazon has obsessed over customers including relentlessly lowering prices, massive selection, self-service tools, and “Look Inside the Book.”

Jeff wraps up reiterating long-term value over short-term gain and generally doing what’s right. Customer obsession.

“Until July, Amazon.com had been primarily built on two pillars of customer experience: selection and convenience. In July, as I already discussed, we added a third customer experience pillar: relentlessly lowering prices. You should know that our commitment to the first two pillars remains as strong as ever.” — Jeff Bezos